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Woodbury, Connecticut

Reed A. Weyburn Scholarship

Established May 1, 1999

By Elsa Weyburn

A biography of Reed Weyburn, written by H. W. Hart with Elsa Weyburn, his wife.

Reed Weyburn was special. He was one of the founding fathers of the Woodbury Scholarship fund. Two of his compatriots, George Robert and Henry DeVries continue to serve on the scholarship board up to the present time. Mr. Weyburn died several years ago. In 1975, Nonnewaug High School Guidance Counselor, Mr. Piper went to three parents of the school: Reed Weyburn, George Roberts and Henry DeVries and told them there were students who desperately needed scholarships. These three gathered seven more and each contributed twenty dollars for the first Woodbury scholarship of $200. In 2009 the Fund awarded $80,750 to seventy students for an average award of $1,153. Great oaks from little acorns grow.

Reed’s background was outstanding. It is obvious that his parents valued education, as they sent their son first to Exeter and then to Yale, where he graduated in the class of 1940. That class produced the famous Mayor Lindsey of New York. Reed had seen the war clouds gathering and therefore had taken naval ROTC at Yale. When World War II broke out in 1941, he immediately went on active duty. The navy, which had lost much of its Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, stationed him in Washington, where his extensive education could come into full play. He rose from ensign to the rank of full lieutenant. After the war, he moved first to Seattle, then Guilford and finally Woodbury in 1963. Mr. Weyburn was promoted to vice president of Waterbury Foundry, a major producer of the country’s cast iron catch basins and manhole covers. As an engineer, I was to meet Reed and buy a number of his products.

In Woodbury, Reed and his wife Elsa, in addition to raising a family were very active in a number of community activities. They devoted much time to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Reed joined the Woodbury Lions Club; Elsa, the Girl Scouts. They were very active in AFS, which involved exchange students from abroad. Not satisfied with all of the above activities, Reed became a Mason and then as noted, a founder of the Woodbury Scholarship Fund.

In summary, Reed Weyburn’s life exemplifies that of the Good Samaritan and his scholarship stands as a guiding light for its recipients to go and do likewise.

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