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Woodbury, Connecticut

The Peter J. Dowling Memorial Fund

Established April 5, 2005

By his children: Margaret, Dorothy and Jane

Peter Dowling grew up in Waterbury and attended Crosby High School. His athletics and high marks got him a scholarship to Yale University. Entering Yale in 1942 in the class of 1945, Peter was soon in the army. In early 1943 he was assigned to the 1255th Combat Engineers. He served in the campaigns of northern France and Germany building bridges and roads, as well as anything else that needed doing. Peter returned to Yale in 1945, where he majored in English and played intramural football. Being on scholarship in 1945 meant he had to wait on tables. After the war, the GI Bill provided tuition, room and board. As an antidote to the demanding Yale curricula, Peter and his roommates put on great parties, singing World War II repertoires from all over the world.

Upon graduation, Peter went through the training course at Scovill Manufacturing Company in Waterbury. Scovill employed 7,000 people and stretched over a mile along the Mad River where the Brass City Mall now stands. After several years learning production control, he was placed in charge of Scovill’s highest tech Relay Department. Here, high altitude relays with gold contacts were manufactured under high vacuum, high heat, and under “White Room” conditions. Peter’s diplomacy and good humor were severely stretched to keep his employees to meet the highest standards of quality and cleanliness.

Sadly, the once great Scovill lost more and more jobs to overseas competition, and like the great ship Titanic, gradually sank out of sight. Peter retired to take up his chief love of sailing, and spent much time with his family sailing along the Connecticut coast. He was also extremely helpful to his many friends, assisting them in everything from getting jobs to building their houses.

Peter combined scholarship, philosophy of life and humor in a mix almost impossible to duplicate but most worthwhile to emulate.

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