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Woodbury, Connecticut

Old Woodbury Historical Society Scholarship

Established May 1, 1997

By Abby Grondona, President, Old Woodbury Historical Society

The Old Woodbury Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation and education of the history of Woodbury, CT. The organization, comprised entirely of volunteers, operates the Hurd House Museum and District No. 2 Schoolhouse. Both of these buildings are used on a regular basis by the Old Woodbury Historical Society to educate and demonstrate the day to day activities of people during various points in Woodbury’s history. In addition to tours, costumed docents also demonstrate hands-on activities, allowing visitors to experience these activities.

The Hurd House Museum, built in approximately 1680 and located in the Hollow, is the oldest house in Litchfield County on its original foundation. It was inhabited until 1967, when it came into the possession of the Old Woodbury Historical Society. Today the Hurd House resembles the home built by John Hurd and, together with the barn located adjacent to the house, is furnished with antiques and other items of significance to the town, giving a representation of how people may have lived in the early days of Woodbury.

The District No. 2 Schoolhouse, built in 1867 and used until 1900, is one of the many one room schoolhouses remaining in Woodbury. Since being donated to the Historical Society in 1977 and renovated by 1984, it now houses classroom items such as desks and maps which were located in similar schoolhouses around Woodbury. Very often local school groups can be found in the schoolhouse, allowing students to experience what it would have been like to attend a one room school.

In addition to the Hurd House and District No. 2 Schoolhouse, the Old Woodbury Historical Society also maintains the former Town Clerk’s office, located across from the North Green, and utilizes the facility as an archives building, housing many items of interest and significance in the history of Woodbury.

Community activities include participation in the History Bites lecture series, Fourth Grade History Day with Mitchell School students, the Colonial Fair, the Woodbury Christmas Festival and an annual reading of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol,” all events to which both volunteers and visitor look forward each year.

Participation in the community also includes a scholarship set up in the name of the Old Woodbury Historical Society with the Woodbury Scholarship Fund, to which members have donated annually since 1997.

If you would like to learn more about Woodbury Scholarship Fund Dollars for Scholars®, contact us at or by mail at P.O. Box 716, Woodbury, CT  06798.