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Woodbury, Connecticut

James R. Somers Scholarship

Established February 2003

By Mrs. James (Judy) Somers

Jim always loved music: he sang in church choirs, was a member of the Glee Club at Taft, and sang with the small “Oreocos” group there. When we were ready to retire, and I was intent on coming to Woodbury, he wanted to know why, when we could go anywhere in the world. I told him: “Because it is home”

I believe that in the ten years he lived here, it truly became home to him. He immediately joined local groups such as the Kiwanis, Community Services Council, Friends of the Library, Meals on Wheels and the Finance Board. He quickly became an integral part of each organization. Jim liked people and enjoyed helping them. He used his truck to help with book sales, food drives and other community activities. When he wasn’t doing that, he sat home and listened to operas, chopped down trees and hauled and split them for our wood stove. He also helped our neighbors with their wood.

Jim was given the Rosenberg Award as Volunteer of the Year by the Woodbury Planning Commission. His name is on the Rosenberg Plaque in the Boyd Building.

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