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Woodbury, Connecticut

James Bragg Scholarship

Established 1999

By Nadine Newell

Jim Bragg was the quintessential Connecticut Country Gentleman. He lived in a 200-year old Connecticut farmhouse formerly owned by the Strong family, who were among the original settlers of Woodbury. (Fred Strong, the Woodbury Town Historian, passed away in 2010 at 99 years of age.) Jim and his wife restored the house so that it could have easily been displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. During the depression of the 1930ís, Jim purchased adjacent acreage so that he had pasture for a considerable number of cattle. He kept his fences in beautiful condition.

But behind Jimís well-kept farm and farmhouse was a secondary Henry Ford. He equipped a special barn just for maintaining his cars and a second one for their storage. The maintenance barn held a complete machine shop with Monarch lathes; Bridgeport millers and a complete spray-paint shop. The storage barn held cars as distinguished as the antiques in his home. Almost every year Jim won the State Antique Car contest with his Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. For driving around Woodbury, Jim had a 12 year old Buick that was spotless.

Jim moved to Woodbury from Long Island around 1933, where he had a successful foundry business. He lived a long and useful life well into his nineties. In his later years, he spent much of his time carefully subdividing his considerable land.

Jim did not live long enough to see his scholarship take shape, but from his love of Woodbury, its land and its people, Iím sure he would have been most pleased.

(Written by Henry Hart, 10-03-2010)

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