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Earle W. Lovering Memorial Scholarship

Established March 29, 2003

By Mrs. Sarah Lovering Johnson (Daughter)

Earl Ward Lovering was born May 14, 1917 in Arlington, Massachusetts and died March 4, 2003 in Tacoma, Washington. Between those two points in time and place, he traveled widely in Europe and South America, and lived in six states and three foreign countries. A metallurgical engineer, educated at MIT, he taught those he supervised in the United States, in Brazil, in Mexico, and in Peru. His teaching, his work and his whole life were hands on, at the center of things. He did not believe in sitting in an office issuing orders, and had little patience with those who did.

Despite very poor hearing, he learned languages easily and well. He studied French in high school but learned it most from the French Canadians about him in Lowell, Massachusetts. He learned Portuguese in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Spanish in Peru and Mexico. He spoke in those languages of extrusion presses and groceries, and studied history, literature and poetry in them as well, acquiring and appreciating the culture about him.

He loved hunting, fishing and boats of all sorts, especially sail boats, sailing with family and friends in Long Island Sound, off the coast of Maine, and in the Caribbean. He enjoyed maps and charts, and the plotting of compass courses, and eventually became a surveyor. He loved fine furniture, and refinished and restored early American antiques, and built sea chests. His knowledge of metals and eye for fine design led to a love of jewelry and a hobby in numismatics.

He had a profound respect for learning and education, and to the end of his life, delighted in his ability to recall facts, quotations and poems in four languages. He left, when he died, a house full of books, a collection of antique coins and poetry that rings in his own voice in his children’s ears.

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