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Woodbury, Connecticut

Diane DeFeo Memorial Scholarship

Established March 1999

By Ms. Sandra DeFeo

From her earliest days in elementary school, Diane DeFeo dreamed of being a teacher. She realized her dream when she began her career teaching math at Sacred Heart High School in Waterbury, Connecticut. She taught at Sacred Heart for eight years before taking a position at Woodbury Middle School, where Ms DeFeo taught math. After over eight years at the middle school, Diane was transferred to Bethlehem Elementary School for one year, then to Mitchell Elementary School for the remainder of her teaching career.

Diane spent 18 years teaching in the Region 14 School District and enjoyed every one. Her love for math was obvious as Diane deemed math class at Mitchell School “The Sacred Hour.” It is because of her love of teaching and math that the Diane DeFeo Scholarship is given to a student pursuing a career of teaching mathematics.

Diane will always be remembered for her smile, infections laugh, and love of teaching, math and Mickey Mouse.

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