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Woodbury, Connecticut

Cody-DeVries Family Scholarship

Established March 13, 2001

By Jane and Henry DeVries

As one of the organizers and a trustee of the Woodbury Scholarship Fund since 1975, it was important for Henry DeVries to contribute to the fund in a tangible way.

Henry and his wife, Jane, established the Cody-DeVries Scholarship to honor the memory of both of their mothers and fathers, who were strong supporters of higher education for their children, even though Jane's mother and Henry's parents did not have the opportunity to attend college themselves.

In turn, Jane and Henry encouraged and supported their own children to strive for the very best education they could achieve. Scholarship and motivation were considered equally important. The Cody-DeVries Family Scholarship selection criteria allows for a scholarship to be awarded  to a motivated student who might otherwise be overlooked by conventional class rank or career choice criteria. Over the years, the Cody-DeVries Family Fund Scholarship has achieved this objective.

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